One Spirit Center

Return to the time when religion has no name. It is a quest for understanding our place, our meaning and our identity. It is inseparable from being, from living life itself. It is the investigation of ideals around which we live and thrive. It is the beauty that inspires our action.

The original sages spoke of oneness without a second and a pervading nature of love, of wisdom and of being. They uncovered a reality hidden by ego that could be known by sincere and earnest practice according to the nature of the one who is seeking. Over the millennia, four paths came to light for its discovery.

The Path of Action (Karma Yoga), The Path of Knowledge (Jnana Yoga), The Path of Love (Bhakti Yoga) and the Path of Mind Control (Raja Yoga). These paths formed the structure of a beautiful gem they called the Sanatana Dharma–the essence of what manifests in all of the world’s religions. Each religion within its own structure formed a facet of this gem through which the luster of the gem could be fully realized, but none containing the whole of the gem itself. The gem is eternal and infinite and expresses as all experience.

One Spirit Center is a community using the wisdom of the sages of all traditions, the experiences of life and the fruits of investigation and education to manifest that One most important thing: Love. It is earnestness and sincerity; the service of the Divine present in all things. It is the divine nature we discover in ourselves and thus honor in all. It culminates in authentic living true to our nature as love, wisdom and being.